Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Rebuilding in Ministry

It’s a few games into the season and if your team has had a few losses and they are a young team you will hear someone say, “We are rebuilding”
It’s a call to be patient, that it might be a long season, that it might not be our season.
But there is hope for future seasons.
The young playing team will pay off in a couple of years.

The Australian cricket team used this when Hussey and Pointing retired.

And there is some truth to the matter.
Many teams that do well have played together for some years.

What about in ministry?

I think in ministry you are always rebuilding.
Every year you should be looking for new leaders.

Recently I heard a speaker say that you need to recruit 1/3 and keep 2/3 every year.

I think that is a helpful framework.

Who are your leaders for 2015?

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