Wednesday, September 05, 2012

the game

car by James Veltmeyer TAS
car, a photo by James Veltmeyer TAS on Flickr.

We bought a car the other day a 2007 Rav4
We traded in our Subaru Outback; we need something bigger to take 3 car seats.

I enjoyed the experience of buying a car.
I enjoy the game.

We (me & the car sales man) both know it’s a game and so we both played to win.
Because we wanted to use the Outback as a trade in he looks its price up in the red book.
And finds other cars for sale on the internet.
Eventually he shows me a few that are priced really low.
He says things like, “there is a voice in my head saying don’t do it.”
He makes out that he won’t be able to feed his family for the month if he does the sale.

We both go for test drives and an hour later it’s all done.

My head says we won.
My heart says he won.
Let’s call it a draw.

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