Thursday, June 07, 2012

LPG - Lay Preachers Group

Preaching Prep by james veltmeyer
Preaching Prep, a photo by james veltmeyer on Flickr.

Over three Sunday’s I have been running a Lay Preachers Group with a few people from church.
Our Youth Trainee, a retired bloke and a lady in her late 30’s.
Each person is doing the course for different reason, to preach, to help prepare for Bible study, kids & youth talks.

In preparation for the group I had to think what I actually do in my prep.
And what I really do, not what I have been told to do or would like to think I do.

It has also made me think why do the things I do in my prep?

At the Bible College I studied at Sydney Missionary & Bible College (SMBC) we were taught to do the Preaching Pyramid
Well I still do it, most of it. Now I have my own version.
And it is this version that I have been teaching them and my other youth leaders.

I have enjoyed the experience and look for to the group putting into practice what they have learnt.

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