Wednesday, September 14, 2011


30 by james veltmeyer
30, a photo by james veltmeyer on Flickr.

I turned 30 the other day.
Friends asked me what it is like turning 30.
I said, “I feel the same as I was when I was 29, but not the same as when I was 21.”

Mum and Dad gave me a card that said, “Think of it as 18, with 12 years experience.”

I remember hearing in the world of sport that your pinnacle is 27.
It’s when you have the sporting ability and fitness of a young person and the wisdom of an experienced player.

But then again Hobart started an over 35’s comp this year.
And Mark Schwarzer the Australian goal keeper plans on playing in the World Cup 2014, he will be 41!

Maybe I have a few good years in me.

Then again: The older I get the better I was.


Tim Goldsmith said...

Bah! Come see me in five years.... though then I'll be 5 years older too!

James, Anita said...

I do remember someone who could throw a good NFL pass, how old are they when they retire?

Looking forward to the 500 post