Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Friendship evangelism

When we talk to our young people about evangelism what we usually talk about can be referred to as friendship evangelism.

The trouble is if our friendships only stay at friendships then we have failed.
Jesus didn’t say, Therefore go and make friends
He said Therefore go and make disciples

This reminds me of a story I’ve heard.
There were two men, John and Jack, they were best mates.
They were both the same age, they grow up together, played sport together, went to the same schools, got married around the same time and had kids the same age.
The thing is that John was a Christian and Jack wasn’t.
John was always looking for an opportunity to talk to Jack about Jesus, but it just never happened.
When they were both very old Jack was in hospital close to death, John went in to visit hoping he could tell him about Jesus before Jack died.
John said to jack, “There is something that is very important to me that I have been meaning to tell you my whole life.”

Jack replied, “If it was that important to you, you would have told me ages ago.”

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