Monday, April 27, 2015

Vision - part 1

Do you struggle to get people to help with ministry?

Now, I'm not silly enough to say that this will solve all your problems; it will help though.

The one big thing having vision gives you is buy in and ownership.

Think about people in your parish who aren't involved in any ministry, they just sit in the pews each Sunday, straight after the service they leave, they probably don’t give. We refer to them as pew warmers because that’s all they do.
I would suggest they have no buy in or ownership with your parish.

Now think of someone who is involved in ministry, maybe a few ministries, they give generously of both time and money. These are the people we wish we had more of.
I would suggest they have buy in and ownership with your parish.

Having a vision gives a person buy in and ownership.
It’s what every person wants from their church.

It what you want from every person.

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