Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I'm not use too.

soccer by james veltmeyer
soccer, a photo by james veltmeyer on Flickr.

I’m not use to losing... at soccer. Board games like Scrabble it’s a given; you haven’t seen so many 3 letter words in your life. We have lost our first 4 games by about 4 goals each game. I can’t remembering losing that bad in my soccer career.

When you are not use to something it’s noticeable.

I grew up in a Sydney Anglican church which I thank God for. It’s not a perfect church, they would tell you that. It is a good church.
It’s interesting talking to people in churches here in TAS both ministers and people in the congregation.
Some people have a low expectation on what God can do. They say things like, “It’s nice having a small church.”
“God won’t bring more people in our church than we can handle.”

I wonder if they think this because of their church experience growing up or if it’s theological or just want to be comfortable in their setting.

I hope we get a win soon!

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