Monday, September 28, 2009


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We're in! We moved into our new house last Friday. With land & building being well priced in Tas & our mate K. Rudd chipping in a bit it was the way to go. Anita's dad & brother built it & I did a bit when I could.

# For the house.
# Move went well
# We had people over to watch the AFL grand final last Sat.
# Youth Groups started well

# Good time with God together.
# God will strengthen us as a family.
# Settle into the house quickly.
# Use the house for hospitality.


Al Bain said...

Well done you three.

Rachel was excited to see you James on Saturday.

Another couple of decades and we'll almost consider you to be a Tasmanian:-) said...

G'day mate

It was good to see Rachel last Saturday & hear the family is doing well.

Hope things become clear for next year.

Cheers James