Monday, February 02, 2009


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At the unit we are living at Anita has planted a garden. It looks really good & everything is growing. Anita's enjoying having a garden which we didn't have while living in a unit.

# Gardening.
# For the house we are in.

# Good time with God together.
# Remembering peoples names.
# Prep for ministry when it kicks off - JV
# Holiday Youth Event on Fri night - JV
# Keep our baby safe & well in Anita.
# Anita's body.


Dan and Jen Cooke said...

Hi James and Anita, good to read your news. Glad you're enjoying a little garden. We have just found a 1st floor unit to stay in at Greenacre, no garden there. Hope this week is productive and you have plenty of oportunities to share the great news of God's love with people you meet. Dan and Jen said...

G'day Cooke's. Good to hear you have found a place to live. Hope the whole family is doing well