Sunday, March 11, 2007

sam & lisa

Lisa & Sam
Originally uploaded by james veltmeyer.
It was Sam & Lisa's engagement party on Sat. Fun was had by all. This photo was taken after I reminded them that they will be husband & wife.

# Sam & Lisa's relationship, which is build on Christ.
# Time with friends on the weekend.

# Time together with God.
# Essays - JV.
# School - AV
# Sam & Lisa - weeding prep.


David said...

# Sam & Lisa - weeding prep.

i hope their weeding goes well!!

james & anita said...

hey Miers

Well you clearly haven't met Sam!

I saw Tim B in one of your photo's on your blog from a while ago. He was one of my scripture teachers at high school.

Hope the central coast is going good.

David said...

timmy b is a good fella.

central coast is good. church is great. today is youth sunday - so we took over the joint this morning!!

good times.

keep trusting Jesus.