Monday, November 27, 2006


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Mon & Tue - carpentry job. Wed - sermon prep. Thur - visited Anita's class. Fri - college duties day. Sat - men's bfast & rest. Sun - Sunday school & SMBC graduation service & inbetween all this watch Aus teach England how to play cricket!

# Work. (JV)
# Anita teaching job.
# Men's bfast.
# Many who graduated from SMBC.

# Continued good time with God as a couple.
# Direction for SMBC graduates for next year.
# School, only 2 more weeks! (AV)


David said...

hey james.

love your work.

keep trusting the King.


ps - just saw the real thing blog - it looks great!
hopefully i'll be able to pop in again this year. (if that's alright)

ritzy-girl said...

YAH!! I finally finished and outta here... Loved SMBC but glad to get back to the almost "real" world.. I'm sure I will see you around.. all the best for the rest of college, God has amazing plans for u..

Anonymous said...

Hey James and Anita

Haven't seen you in ages and i have an engagement invite for you but i'm not sure where to send it! Can you email me your address so i can post?

BY the way, love your blog! It's great to have a way to keep track of people and what's happening in their lives even when you don't see them for a while :o)


Anonymous said...

The true gift of god is to love and support your family, especially during important mile stones or events.